Gay For Pay Straight Rent Boys

Straight Rent Boys
Gay For Pay Rule #3: If you are broke and sleeping on the beach making only $50.00 doing jack off shows for gay guys, you are doing something wrong as a male escort. That’s why Jadizon entered into the Gay For Pay bootcamp over at Straight Rent Boys. Jadizon was an experienced bi-sexual escort in Cuba, and that’s why he was the perfect guy to train Blake in the ways of gay sex, who is 100% straight. In this video Jadizon treats Blake to a fine blow job, helping him release his big cumload. Next it’s Blake’s turn to suck some cock. Can he handle sucking his first dick (a nice fat Cuban cigar)?
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Gay For Pay Rule 1 – Learning to Get Fucked

Straight Rent Boys

Gay For Pay Rule Number 1: If you are a Straight Rent boy, don’t expect much money from a client if you can’t even fuck a guy. That’s the premise of this new video from Straight Rent Boys, a brand new site from experienced Gay For Pay Porn Director David Adamson.

Mikey is actually a ‘real gay’ and Jadizon is gay for pay only but never fucked a guy. In order to pass this gay for pay bootcamp though, Jadizon needs to learn how to fuck or he’s never going to make the big bucks as a Straight Rent Boy. So to make this movie happen, Mikey finally agreed to be Jadizon’s ‘little bitch.’ And let me tell you something about Mikey; he has a big fucking cock, squeals like a bitch, and gave an amazing performance full of hot dirty talk. I loved it when he asked Jadizon ‘You like my tight ass?’ and Jadizon just pounded that shit harder.

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