Broke Straight Boys – Jimmy, Rocco and Slink

It was a special kind of day at the Broke Straight Boys offices. Rocco had called in and asked if he could come in and jerk off for some extra cash. At the same time Jimmy, another hot straight guy, was on the phone looking for some extra money as well. The guys quickly came up with a plan for these two. They could come in and jerk off and get some extra cash, but there were two rules. First, they had to jerk each other off and second, they had to find a third guy to join them.

Goup Gay Jerkoff

Goup Gay Jerkoff

The guys must have really needed that cash because it didn’t take them long and they were at the office with a guy named Slink in tow. He said he was fully straight, but open minded. They guys were all a little on edge as they started to strip, Slink was a little worried that he was crossing a boundary here. As things started to heat up Rocco and Jimmy stroked their cocks and started getting hard. Slink, no matter how hard he tried, just could not get an erection. One of the guys shooting the scene told him (half jokingly) that if he couldn’t get hard he should make himself useful and go jerk Jimmy off. They were all floored when Slink reached over and grabbed Jimmy’s dick and started to stroke it.

They asked Slink what he thought about it and he wasn’t that into, but kept stroking. Jimmy was in heaven. He was getting his dick stroked and loved every second of it. Jimmy then returned the favor two fold. He was sitting in the middle of couch so he reached out and took both guy’s dicks in his hands and started to stoke. Like a gold medal skier Jimmy stroked those poles and got both guys rock hard. The cameraman told Slink to get Rocco off. Slink gripped Rocco’s cock hard and stroked it fast. Rocco was not ready for the reaction he had. Feeling another guy jerk him off got him so excited he exploded, shooting hot jizz all over Rocco’s hand. Rocco then went back to his seat and he and Jimmy jacked themselves fast and hard, racing to see who would be the first to cum. Slink won the race, exploding all over himself and Jimmy, concentrating hard finally hit the finish line and came. All three straight guys had crossed some gay boundaries, enjoyed themselves and came hard.