Gay For Pay Rule #83 – When Your Girl needs a Boob Job, Give the Guy a blow job!

Kurt Washboard abs 

Straight Boys Gay For Pay

    It is always hot when a brand new Gay For Pay guy comes into the Broke Straight Boys studio looking to make a little money. In this case a guy who had been on the site a few times told the guys he had a friend that was good looking and was needing some cash to help his girlfriend get a boob job.  Kurt decided to give it a try and was a little shy when he first walked in. As he took off his shirt and showed off his tight, fit body it was pretty damn clear he had nothing to be shy about. Kurt was starting to get excited just by taking his clothes off. As his shorts and underwear hit the ground and he laid down on the couch so that everyone could get a nice look at his lean body and tight ass his cock was starting to get hard.  
Kurt Nice Ass 

Kurt Broke Straight Boys Nice Ass

    Kurt rolled over on the couch, grabbed his dick and started to tug on it. The shyness was gone and was replaced by a desire to get himself off. He stroked and pulled on his cock which got hard, thick and long in his hand. He told the guys he wanted to get on knees. They told this hot straight guy to do whatever the hell he wanted. Kurt got on his knees and jacked off ferociously. He pulled on his cock. Stroking himself  harder and faster, Kurt started to moan as he massaged his balls and jerked faster and faster. As he came he cupped his hand underneath his cock and dropped his load into his waiting hand. The guys asked if he had ever tasted it. When he said no they offered him an easy $100 to lick it up. This hot straight guy jumped at the chance for the cash and licked his cum out of his hand.  
Kurt Jacks Off 

Kurt Jacks Off