Broke Straight Boys – David, Price, Kyle

The photographer at Broke Straight Boys says,

Today, at Broke Straight Boys, we have Kyle, David and Price on the futon. They are all here to do an anal scene Price is bottoming and both David and Kyle are topping. I told the boys that they would be getting $1000 each as it was a three way, even though Price wasn’t happy with that amount. The boys stood up, taking off their clothes, all three sitting back down on the futon clad only in matching white undies. As they watched the straight porn, they removed their underwear and went right back to work on getting their cocks hard.  (MORE)

Kyle was rock hard in an instant so I suggested they do the infamous Broke Straight Boys Wave and with that, Price turned to his left, swallowing down Kyle’s dick while David went to work on Price’s cock. Price didn’t have much to do with Kyle’s cock as he was already as hard but David slowly slid Price’s dick in and out of his mouth until Price was erect as well. They switched sides; Kyle sucking on Price even as Price swallowed down David. A few minutes later, Price hopped up, deciding that they should pull out the futon. (MORE)

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