Vincent Vince and his Huge Cock

  To help them 'welcome' in the New Year, I knew exactly what I had in mind for Santiago and Vincent. It was time to take these 2 hot, straight Latino best friends to the next level and get them to go anal for the first time.   The dilemma was to figure out who was going to be the bitch. Santiago made the great suggestion of letting our members decide, but unfortunately time was of the essence on this shoot (and I'm sure you will appreciate not having to wait another week for this scene). However, we do plan to get these hot boys on our forum, where they are looking forward to giving some 'shout outs' to a few well known 'Serbians' (code name for our wonderful Straight Rent Boys Forum junkies). The fate of a hot straight boy's virgin asshole was at stake, and ultimately decided by a game of 'rock, scissors, paper.' Vincent was the victor, and Santiago's asshole would never feel the same. According to him, he jizzes like no ones fucking business when fingered, so now it was time to get him down on his knees to do some dirty fucking business. Download the full HD video at   Download the full length video at!  Straight Money Boys

Straight best friends Gay Fuck for Pay

  This scene continues where last week left off, with Santiago getting fucked and busting his nut doggy style. Now it's time for his best bud Vincent to get him on his back and do some more pounding. I don't know if it's Vincent's magic cock or Santiago's magic prostrate, but when you see Santiago bust his nuts twice in a row after taking this guy's huge cock you'll know there is some kind of magic going on! This is an amazing video to watch not only because we get to see these 2 best friends bond like never before. There is something so hot about the way Santiago just moans for that cock, like there is something deep inside his prostrate craving that special little feeling that is normally reserved only for gay men. Do we think Santiago secretly likes this feeling more then he lets on?   Download the full HD video at   Download the full length video at!  Straight Money Boys

Seth McAdams – Hot Straight Guy

  Seth McAdams is what I call "magically delicious." He looks like "the boy next door," with bright blue eyes and a nice smile, but under his button up shirt and jeans, I suspect he has a package that can only be found at the end of a rainbow. Okay, so I have been in this business long enough to get a sense, most times, of when I approach a guy to do some modeling, whether or not things are going to work out. I had taken Eddie to our favorite over-priced coffee chains and had noticed a barista named Seth. I could tell he had a "country boy" build and an outgoing personality. I decided to approach him and ask if he would like to earn some real money and hopefully think about doing some escort work. At first, I think he was taken aback by my suggestion, but being 18 and always horny, he figured he would give it a try.   Download the full HD video at   Download the full length video at!  Straight Money Boys

Hung Big Cock Straight Muscle – Benjamin

  Today we have 2 new faces to StraightRentBoys, although you may recognize one of them (Austin Grant) from another site I used to film. Today I brought in Benjamin, a hung muscular stud from the Dominican Republic. Did I mention he's straight? In fact, he is very straight, which is just the reason why I needed a seasoned straight rent boy turned gay porn star like Austin Grant to show him how it's done. We had to start our straight Latin boy Benjamin off slowly with a blow job, but let me tell you, this was no normal blow job. Benjamin's cock truly expands to 9 inches and it is one fat, large Latin tool. Benjamin seems to enjoy making Austin choke on that huge cock as he forcefully pushes Austin's head down on that sucker. If you like big cocks that are connected to extremely muscular Latin guys, then I'm sure Benjamin has one big banana you are going to love! Let's hope I can convince him to use that huge cock for some hot fucking...   Download the full HD video at   Download the full length video at!  Straight Money Boys

Straights Fuck the Gay Boy

  It's a gay boy's fantasy cum true this week at StraightRentBoys and let me tell you this is one sizzling HOT video that will make you cum again and again. In fact this video is just so damn hot you might want to start watching it now before I delve into the backstory.   Last week a cute gay fan named Chris contacted me telling me he had a fantasy for straight guys that he needed fulFILLED. Being the pimp I am, I told him I'd talk to Eddie and see what we could do, as long as he was willing to be on video. It didn't take him more then a second for this horny little gay bottom boy to say 'OK.' Soon I got him to my studio and gave him a choice: our veteran hung macho Latin stud Vincent, or our newest find, a hot and cute 21 year old straight rent boy named Jake. Well this boy is a greedy little bottom and wanted both of them, and was willing to pay (fortunately we accept credit card). But there was a catch; he told these 2 boys he liked it rough, and as you will see from this video, he got exactly what he paid for. Download the full HD video at   Download the full length video at!  Straight Money Boys

Straight Vegetarian AJ Gets his Organic Vegan Cock Serviced by Austin Grant

  Well look what the cat dragged in. 2 guys you already know are back on my futon. A.J. and Austin, by popular demand! If you are hungering for a juicy organic cock, Allen Jay is your man. And if you like nothing more then watching a hot guy get his ass eaten out, then here we have Austin. It's a hot blow job video filled with some great rimming by our favorite Vegetarian. And as he proves with his cumshot, he may be vegetarian but his cock is still filling!   Download the full HD video at   Download the full length video at! Straight Money Boys

Jake Learns a Gay For Pay lesson in Cock Sucking

  Having them remove their clothes, I do have to comment on Jake's choice of underwear, straight boys love to wear gay underwear. Apparently it is a firehouse themed pair, as Diesal and Jake joke about the hose and fire hydrant. Seeing Jake's body again, I also ask if he has lost weight; he says maybe. Diesal is still the well-built, hung model everyone loves. Sitting down, I have them get hard while I put on porn; Diesal says that porn is always delicious, and for a moment, we are all watching the T.V. and the titties bounce. Lord have mercy, let's have Diesal go first and help out Jake I tell them; Jake is just pounding away at his dick, trying to get hard, as Diesal, Eddie and I joke. I must say, Jake seems to take to having his dick sucked because the moment Diesal puts Jake's dick in his mouth, Jake flushes red and hardens. Oh yeah, it feels good, moans Jake as he closes his eyes and relaxes.   When I suggest they trade, Jake jumps up and pulls Diesal's underwear off; I think it even surprised Diesal how fast Jake moved onto him. Getting really settled, Jake spreads across Diesal, allowing Diesal to stroke him while he sucks Diesal's huge cock. As Jake strokes and chokes, I notice Diesal is getting flush as well. Jake spits on Diesal's cock as Diesal continues to milk Jake. They move to opening up the futon, Jake lies flat while Diesal gets on his knees to jerk his buddy. 'Oh yeah' groans Jake; after a few minutes, it turns into 'fuck yeah.' As they continue to work on Jake getting off, grabbing his cock away from Diesal, Jakes tells him to 'tap my balls.' It takes a bit for Jake to climax, but as he watches the porn video, and strokes his dick, he finally says 'yeah, oh fuck yeah,' and sprays all over himself and Diesal. Download the full HD video at   Download the full length video at!  Straight Money Boys

Diesal Pounds a Straight Curious Twink

  I'm going to call this video, "Jake shits inward;" it begins with Jake sucking on Diesal. I ask Jake if it would be okay for Diesal to "fuck you in the ass?" Jake says, "no way, look at that big dick. I mean what's in it for me?" Hmm, I'm thinking with some more money offered, Jake make take it up the ass. As we talk about bottoming, and the offer of the extra cash, he says, "yeah, I'll try."   As Jake lubes up, with lots of lube, I joke that after this, he may become a tranny; Jake is more concerned about having enough lube up him. He says, "if it looks like it hurts, I'm not acting." Jake taking Diesal's monster cock is a slow process. "Damn, it's tight as fuck," Diesal says, over the sounds of Jake's heavy breathing. I don't think Jake is a bottom; the pain he feels, and his face, confirms my suspicions. "Do you have to go any further?" Jake asks Diesal, "nope," Diesal responds. At this point he is only in about one-third of the way. Jake switches between moaning and whining. A few minutes later, Diesal is going at a steady pace and Jake seems to be relaxing, somewhat. Most of this whole time, Jake's face has been in the pillow under him. I see he is now lifting his head to breathe; maybe he will enjoy it on his back. Download the full HD video at   Download the full length video at!  Straight Money Boys

Jacob Jake – Hot Straight Latin Guy

  Everyone is really working hard to bring you, the members, the best videos possible. I try to find talented, interesting boys that I can work with in my boot camp to help them get into porn. Today I do have a Cuban hottie on the futon, named Jacob. He is what many of us would like to look like at, well, at any age, he is: 18 years old, 5'8," 150lbs. has a few tattoos and a very fit, tight body. He actually came to me about a month ago looking for work; I told him we do "gay porn" here so being straight, he went to another studio I know of, for some straight and then gay porn work. Well, things went a little too fast for him so, he came back here for more help in becoming comfortable with gay porn; he wants to model for gay porn because the pay is better. He seems to be a very focused young man, as he plans to open up some type of work out center or business that deals with fitness.   Download the full HD video at   Download the full length video at!  Straight Money Boys

Jacob Jake and Vince – Hot Straight Latin Escorts

  Today, we have in the studio Jacob back with us. He did his solo and that went really well, but it's time to get him comfortable with sucking dick so that when he is finishes his "schooling" here and goes on to other studios, he can earn top dollar in the gay for pay industry. I also brought in Vince to help me with Jacob. Vice has been here before and filmed some very hot scenes; he is also the one that made Santiago cum three times while fucking him. When Vince came in and stood next to Jacob I could see them working well together.   As far as the sucking dick goes, Jacob was uneasy about doing it but agreed that he is "going to have to do it." Both Jacob and Vince sat on the couch and I asked Vince if he had any pointers for Jacob, "no teeth, you don't want to bite it" was the main concern of Vince. Then, Jacob took Vince in his mouth and began to suck. "It will grow in your mouth, but it won't bite you," was Vince's last tip before Jacob began. Jacob seemed to be okay with it, not thrilled, but putting up with it for the "work." Vince said Jacob was doing okay for a beginner; Jacob's dick became hard within a few minutes and that's when Jacob realized just how big Vince is. Continuing to suck, Jacob starts to get the hang of stroking while "choking." Vince reminded Jacob to "play with it too; windmill, helicopter." Download the full HD video at   Download the full length video at!  Straight Money Boys